The Mercy Finder

The Mercy Finder

Friday, May 15, 2015

Catch a Falling Dad

There are times I know the angels are watching and silent note taking, but also protecting and assisting with soft landings. Tonight was one of those nights. Dad took a second spill in one week, and this one appeared like it wasn't going to end very well. I was helping him move from his chair to his wheelchair via his walker, but we just didn't quite make it to the wheelchair. Previously, I've thought that his legs just randomly give out, but tonight I think there may be a sudden quick little seizure that occurs, and down he goes. Life is sort of unpredictable at 100 years old.

I was able to catch him, somewhat, or at least break the fall. But he's 190 lbs. and I'm not. And this time he was heading forward not backward. We landed; it wasn't so bad. I turned him over assessing any damage which there wasn't any, and called 911 for their excellent "Back to Bed Assist."

After things settled down it became very apparent to me that Dad almost sliced his head open on the stair near where he fell, or cracked it open on the hard cold tile. Yet neither occurred. And it wasn't because of my superior caregiving ways. I remember trying to cushion his head as I saw him going for a face plant, but somehow, and I add, miraculously, his head was turned and he fell short of the stair as I reached for his head before he went bump. But I know I didn't do it alone because physically and logistically it wasn't possible. I didn't have enough hands and arms to catch all of him. But others did.

I believe if I had my X-ray vision to see more refined matter I would have seen many of our loved ones past surrounding us and cushioning the landing. As it was, I felt their spirits and and all I could whisper was a tear-filled "thank you!" How grateful I am for the "Keep Dad Safe Assist" that I receive over and over again when I send out my heavenly 911. The simple prayer that I learned as a child, "help us to have no harm or accident befall us," is still my daily prayer, continually being answered by a loving Father in Heaven.


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